Leaflets or flyers can be a company’s best friend. They can work in conjunction with your other marketing literature. But if not done properly it can prove to be wastage of money, time and energy. Hence here are five essentials for leaflet and flyer marketing:

  • To know your reader/ audience.
  • Motivate them to look inside.
  • Proper info of your product with topical events offers.
  • Distribution channels.
  • Get a feed back or tracking.

To know your reader or audience: It is very important for any business to know their readers or target audience. They should plan their leaflets or flyers keeping them in mind. That means the information must unfold in right order. The construction of the leaflet will be more accurate and efficient if you know that what your audience wants or need.

Motivate them to look inside: To make your audience look in to your leaflet or pick it up and read, correct designing and a catchy line should be there. Think benefits or thought-provoking statements that motivate the reader to pick up the leaflet or flyer it. But the designer should adopt “less is more” approach for printing. A very loud designing or colors may overpower your brand massage. It is not necessary that you make a leaflet or flyer in A4 size; selling a sandwich make the leaflet in the shape of sandwich. Using your imagination when designing your leaflet can produce better than average results.

Proper info of your product with topical events offers: Make it a keeper. Putting helpful information in your leaflet or flyer will encourage your customer or reader to keep it, refer it to someone else may be. If you’re selling skin care products you can give your readers tips on how to combat pimples, dry skin, fine lines and wrinkles. To describe your product you should draw a list of product feature (fact about your product) and add words like “which means that….” after each point. For example: the car has 300 horse power engine, which means that….it is fast. But don’t waste their time telling them about things that don’t convey a benefit like manufacturing details etc. also don’t get carried away with your own interests.

More over adding topical offers can definitely be a plus point for your leaflet marketing. Like in summers your can give additional offers to maximize your profit. But one thing has to be kept in mind that you don’t get carried way.

Distribution channels: Well to use an optimized and the most efficient distribution channel is very important for any leaflet distributor. A distribution channel needs to be finalized after analyzing your target audience. Different distributions channels can be like you can distribute them on your own, or hire someone to do that, put inside newspaper, along magazine, to passers-by on the streets, on cars or door to door.

Get a feed back: It is important to have track or get a feedback for your leaflet. For that you can add on additional offers so that you can monitor the response rate, it is also a better way to get feedback from the clients. Leaflet or flyers are very cost effective way to market your product; it reaches out to the wider audience. But things to be considered are that they should be refined over a longer period of time according to feed back and response from the customers.

If these points are kept in mind, then leaflet or flyer marketing can prove to be an asset for your business.