The majority of the clients worry about their leaflets not being delivered. Imagine your delivery person delivers a few leaflets, gets tired and leave the rest leaflets in the dustbin.

So logically, you wouldn’t then expect them to go and visit every door on their route, which is, what GPS tracking will display. Because what would be the point of ditching the leaflets, if you are still going to walk up and down a couple of hundred garden paths?

Mobile phone based tracking application can give you some additional real-time feedback by allowing you to setup a tracking  software .

This is, where an email alert is triggered when a leaflet dropper enters a specified location (that you’ve drawn) on map. You are able to send an email to your managers/customers to notify them that they have arrived or left that area.

Another tracking system known as GPS data logger is used. The distributers carry this GPS data logger while distributing leaflets.  This device uses satellites to record their position every second and stores all of this information on the device.

When the distribution is complete, the information from each device is downloaded from the data logger onto a computer.  Once loaded onto the computer our software generates a map showing the route that each individual distributer took.  This map can be read by standard application such as Google Earth.

Each GPS data logger records the total distance walked, the total time spent walking, and the total time spent posting the leaflets through letterboxes vs the total time spent walking, graphs showing speed over time and altitude over time.

Thus,  using the GPS Tracking system improves the efficiency  and  performance of the distributer as well as the reputation of the distributor. Moreover it increases the trust of the customer. GPS Tracking system reduces the error or the wastage of the time and money of both the distributer and customers.