Monitoring or supervision is usually seen as negative aspect but on the contrary it has a very positive and motivating effect if received positively. Supervision can be used to motive the staff and develop effectiveness in particular job role.

Researchers shown that effective supervision has a positive effect of the employees matter of the fact is that lack of supervision or monitoring can have a negative effect on the workforce, capability, stability, competence, morale and confidence.

Supervision/ monitoring also helps make sure a company creates workers, who are skilled, knowledgeable, clear about their role, and who are assisted in their practice by sound advice and emotional support.

Supervisors perform a wide range of functions, all of which are closely intertwined. For example, they must be excellent communicators. It is their job to write reports, letters, memos, performance appraisals, and the gamut of documents that businesses need to operate.

Thus in any firm supervision or monitoring leads in the increased efficiency of the employees therefore, resulting in the improved performance of the organization.