There are certain points/strategies needs to be taken care of, when it comes to leaflet distribution campaign obviously its positive outcome can make wonders for your company.

Always ensure these points are covered when you are planning a leaflet distribution campaign. It is discussed as follows:-

  1. A leaflet should always carry a message to the consumers how your product can be lucrative to them. Why they should choose you? A leaflet should be comprised of the benefits of your product in detail.
  2. Ensure the message is concentrated on your product & service rather than your company name. The customer should feel an emotional touch with your company then a leaflet campaign can certainly turn into a sale. You can use your brand / business name as a headline on your leaflet.
  3. Make sure the size of your leaflet is average neither too big nor to small as a average sized leaflet is more likely to go into your potential customer’s pocket and he might read it later when free
  4. The message you want to spread needs to be crisp, clear & a suitable image or photo along with it will do the work rather than using thousands of words & beating around the bush.
  5. Understand the demographics of your targeted customers. If you are selling a product a student will purchase then distributing leaflets in a city at the weekend may not be as effective as distributing at the university ground.
  6. All leaflets need contact details on them & they must be the correct details, it is more likely to miss type an address, phone no. & email address so double check always.
  7. Always make a wise decision by opting for a professional leaflet distributing company for the marketing of your product/company as although covering the above points having the right leaflet structure but then choosing a company who are not professionally can backfire the entire leaflet distributing campaign.