Adlifto has focused on the points which can make your leaflet effective. The points are as follows:

  • Start with a attractive headline: the headline of a leaflet is the most attractive words in the whole leaflet. So the headline should be very hungry in itself.
  • Topical event: for leaflet advertising topical events do provide a good hook.
  • Ask the audience to do something: your every piece of writing and key elements in the leaflet should have call to action. By ignoring it lot of sales can be missed and in turn business cant grow smoothly. So making audience to work can be a great key. In doing so you need to be very much clear and specific. g. You can write the number and to tell to call on the same for booking the service.
  • Show your credibility: showing the credibility leads to great impact on the user e.g. if you provide any kind of professional services and at the same time you are accredited by some professional body then mentioning it can have a great impact on the users.
  • Focus should be done on the benefits not on the features: by leaflets you are making it clear to customers what they will get after taking your product or any service. So its important for them to know how they will be benefited. User always but the product because of the need so it is very important to focus on the benefits.
  • Include an appropriate information: the leaflet designed should be in a way that you are mentioning all the key points to the user. While doing leaflet advertising you must make it sure that your in the shoes of the customer so its very important to focus on all the key points.
  • Don’t waste the back page of your leaflet: you always pay for the of print of leaflet and getting it distributed. So its worth enough that back page of the leaflet is written down with the key points. By doing this you can increase the chance of your sale and also at the same time you can present more material to your customers.