The main and actual concern of every company who distributes the leaflets is that that the leaflets distributed  are going in a right way or not. Lot of company’s charge very less to the customers but don’t update on the exact number of leaflets they have distributed. Some of the companies are those who only send the various roads where they have distributed the leaflets but still this doesn’t prove the authentication of the leaflets delivered.

If you want to make sure the number of leaflets distributed in a proper manner and where they are exactly distributed then you have to chose a company who offers the GPS Tracking distribution as this method makes the delivery system authentic. What does GPS system stands for? It is Global Position System and it is world wide navigational system.

The reasons why GPS is useful are as follows:

  • Confidence: if you are worrying about the thing that are your leaflets being distributed and you not getting to know about it then you are just stressing yourself. The GPS Tracking will make it clear to you about the distribution of the leaflets
  • Monitoring: at Adlfito we send the images of the roads and the routes. This makes the customer clear the time taken for the distribution along with actual date of the distribution. So the customer can monitor the leaflet distribution very easily
  • Market research: the customer can make a good research of the market from the GPS tracking. Every time the call or email is sent to the customer about the distribution, the customer can point on the map to know about the location of the call. So it can make a good insight about the market.