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100 % guarantee leaflet delivery using our proven methodologies.

Dedicated Customer Services

6No matter how big or small is your lealet distribution enquiry is, we provide the most efficient customer service to our clients. For us client satisfaction is the utmost priority. Our customer care executive are well trained and are informed enough to deal with any of the clients problems.

Your business success leads to our success. we therefore make sure that through our diligent, committed, zealous customer service we achieve 100% customer satisfaction. we make sure every word, thought, idea you express for your leaflet designing or distribution is penned down and taken care of.

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Reach Quickly

We know the value of time is equivalent to money invested. Thus our priority is to deliver the error free leaflets on time to you. Our leaflet delivery persons are well familiar with locations not only that but our internal staff are also trained enough and understand the value of time management.

Through our GPS Service it is easy for the leaflet distributors to locate the address with ease which results in reaching quickly at the potential clients location and on top of that he have fit delivery distributers so that they can run, walk quiet fast which add on to reaching quickly.

Route Supervision

2We have an eye for every moment. Thus our staff is highly trained and qualified. The route supervision helps in keeping a proper track which results in efficient delivery of the leaflets to the customers.

Route Mapping


To have an effective delivery of the leaflets we use the effective route mapping system. This helps in time management for the delivery of the leaflets. Also guides us to deliver our best.

Route Planning


Our motto is to use route planning system through which we can compute the most efficient route involving several nodes or stopovers by minimizing the distance travelled or time take to deliver the leaflets to the customers. Thus, we have the best planning of the routes used to deliver the leaflet to the customers.


Call Us now on 0121 227 8791 for free quote or email at info@adlifto.com