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We are specialized in the guaranteed leaflet distribution service , we work closely with you to help you increasing your sales by every day , yes by every day increased sales. We have a zero tolerance on bad leaflet delivery tactics.The best and unique part of our leaflet distribution is clients will get an online account through which clients can watch the real time deliveries by themselves and track our delivery people , can spot check them without even telling us , this is why we put our guarantee on every single leaflet gets delivered thus maximizing your response rate.Our entire leaflet distributors are fully trained who work tirelessly each day to distribute thousands of leaflets a day. We strive to deliver the best to our customers. Whether it is a house hold, your business or a distant or remote area; we promise to deliver the best. We have a team of professional distributors who not only distribute leaflets in a short time but also make sure all our distributions to the letter box include the delivery audit report. We know the value of time is equivalent to money invested. Thus, our priority is to deliver the error free leaflets on time to you. Our delivery persons are well familiar with locations not only that but our internal staff are also well trained and understand the value of time management .No matter how big or small your requirements are, we provide the most efficient customer service to our clients. For us client satisfaction is the utmost priority. Our customer care executives are well trained and are informed enough to deal with any of the clients problems.

    How We Work?                                                                  

we guarantee the reliable,effective,prominent delivery of your leaflets through our distribution system at affordable and cheaper rates.we ensure to make our consumers be satisfied with our distribution system with complete transparency in our distribution system.we ensure

  • GPS tracking of Leaflet Distributors
  • Report of routes covered and map for clients
  • Supervision of leafleting
  • Route planning and mapping
  • Dedicated customer Service
  • Competitive Prices
  • Guarantee Delivery
  • covering Sandwell and Birmingham areas
  • We also distribute Leaflet to residential households. We try to deliver to the far most areas as well.
  • We supervise all the routes with full time supervisor.
  • Our firm provides latest GPS tracking system. The GPS tracking system allows us to track the time used for delivering the leaflets. More over latest GPS tracking helps in getting the accurate tracking location data for better service
  • We know that clients Leaflet are important thus by opting the postcode Distribution, we try to make it sure that we reach to every house hold or the customers.
  • We offer the best pricing in the market. If you are looking for the most affordable price try u

    Any inquiry :   Call Us now on 0330 133 2877 for free quote or email at: info@adlifto.com

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Our shared distribution service offers a cost effective way of promoting your business. It creates a more widened awareness about your business among your potential customers. We are delivering our service at regular intervals round the year in such a way that it fits with your design of market campaigning. Shared distribution services are the best for clients who keep flexibility in the target areas. This enables us to deliver other products too along with yours. We can also provide you with delivering of your leaflets along with two or three other non competitive ones too. This is very effective in marketing your message too.



Solus distribution service is a great method of leaflet distribution campaign. By delivering the targeted leaflet we aim to reduce the distractions from the receivers’ end. We are very much flexible as per your requirements. For a variety of factors like time, budget, targeted audience; the Solus distribution service is a solution. The best way to increase your brand awareness is through us. We assure to provide you with highest returns for your investments through Solus distribution service. Solus distribution emphasizes over the targeted marketing so we ensure our customer with the higher level of the success through our solus distribution.

 Hand TO Hand


Wide range of organizations uses Adlifto’s service as rates are quite affordable. Ensuring non-littering of your leaflet and clearly read out messages is the response you can expect from us through our distribution service. Also, the messages on the leaflet will be publicized by our distributor since English is spoken by them too. Distributors also go ahead by wearing your company T-shirts during the campaign for better marketing. You pick up the days for your distribution, and we will assure to distribute 2000 to 10,000 had outs in a day however busy city or town we are targeting. Also, our GPS tracking system will give you a complete record of our work hours and the places covered.

Business To Business


Our “Business to Business” distribution service is one of the most efficient ones that we deliver. This can be of great assistance to you if you are targeting business and want to pass by the reception. Business to business service is a very effective service for your company’s productive rise. Our target areas are business and industrial estates and also those that you intend to. After task completion we provide you with all the details of contacts and interested delegates. This is a cost effective way to promote your business. Also, our GPS tracking system will give you a complete record of our work hours and the places covered.

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