Adlifto working process follows step wise step, leaving no sign of bewilderment for you. It is all crystal clear. A project will follow the regimen as follows:-

Initial Enquiry: It includes getting the details about the company’s name, product in which you deal in etc.

Needs Assessment-via Telephone or Personal visit: The evaluation process through telephone or may be by a personal visit.

Detailed Fact Finding Meeting:-The meeting in which each and every details and requirements will be discussed.

Confirm Objectives & Issue Confidentiality Agreement: Getting the clear picture about the objectives you want us to accomplish for u followed by signing agreement.

Assemble Project and Account Team: Accumulate the final understanding of the project and account team.

Receive and Process Relevant Customer Data: Receiving the potential customers data.

Demonstrate The Solution Using Customer data: Displaying the solution using customer data

Submit Quotation: Submitting the final quotation

Secure Sign Off:  Safe sign off

Deliver Solution and Training: Imparting the solution and training where needed.

Engage the support cycle: Get the work started.