Many of the leaflet distribution companies don’t get the good response in the business but they cant figure out the same

Among many reasons the main reason for this is the basic errors in the leaflet distribution .

We at Adlifto has spent the time on this by focusing why some companies doesn’t get the desired result as compared to the other running companies.

So we have found some result based on the errors that companies does in the leaflet distribution. The errors we have found and the way to avoid them is as  follows:

  • Wrong Targets: it is very much possible that the leaflet of same kind can be distributed to the same kind of audience. So the response rate can be different. So it is very important for the company to target the right audience and what kind of customers are appropriate for the particular leaflet and then the customer should be targeted with making material. Demographic profiling is one of the best way to do this approach and you can find the ideal customers for the leaflets. Also at the same time the analysis of the market can be done. Targeting the right audience the is the important point for increasing the success rate of the business.
  • No testing and measuring: in any kind of direct marketing testing and measuring is very important and should be done in any company. Your company is in competition with many other companies who are in the way of attracting your customer for the business. By testing and measuring the different marketing strategies you can measure what are the methods that worked for the company and those which didn’t so that you can continue the working methods. By this way you can get the good response in a limited amount of time.
  • No Offer: compared to other forms of direct marketing leaflet distribution is very much competent.  Your company is in competition with many other companies who are in the way of attracting your customer for the business. So you need to make you leaflet stand out from the crowd. You can achieve this by the outstanding offer. Offer can make the users to choose your product and by this way the productivity of business can be enhanced. Your offer should be very much different from your competitors by the design, price, terms, values etc
  • Slow in getting to the point: getting the readers attention is about few seconds only. If you can get the attention of the user then you cant increase the rate of business. So getting straight to the point is very much important and telling the strongest point in the very first line of the leaflet is important.
  • No call to action: the main motto of leaflet distribution campaign is to make the customers to go for your products or your services so its very important to know what action should be taken by them in order to complete the order. Its very important to have the response. So its important to tell the customers to what to do and the desired actions.