We have worker years with various companies, agencies and councils all over the UK. From this experience Adlifto has made the quality service for you which covers each and every end.

We at Adlifto create very innovative campaigns which in turn gives the great result and the material used is always of you and is tracked. We at Adlifto believe in giving the quality services to our customers and give the update about the status to the clients which tells the stage of their distribution. We at Adlifto believe in helping our clients by giving the advice and planning the campaigns for the customers.

Service At Adlifto

  • The leaflet of the client is on its own through the letterbox
  • Collection is free if needed
  • Consultation is free at Adlifto if needed
  • Adlifto also provides the back checking
  • Adlifto provides the distribution advice as well as planning
  • Adlifto also provides the reports in form of the Excel sheet
  • The tracking of the distribution can be tacked by the GPS for our clients
  • Adlifto provides the images of the distribution by the satellite
  • Adlifto provides the each and every list of the roads covered
  • Adlifto provides the update of the distribution via mobile or email or from both
  • The distribution here at Adlifto is very fast


The distribution here at Adlifto is clearly monitored , supervised and is also verified by the field checkers. Lot of research also shows that the direct campaign executed reaches the great amount of percentage of prospectus customers.  It also shows that the same also provides the more sales as compared to the mass advertising.


  • Adlifto wants to educate the customers about the new services, products or the websites.
  • We here at Adlifto believes in communicating about the features about products and its benefits.
  • To make products, service, websites in a way such that they can be differentiated from our competitors
  • Building the name of the brand, increasing the loyalty of the brand, making the brand recognition and making the brand preference for the people.
  • To make the new customers for our business and at attract the net users
  • To maintain the contact of the customer
  • To identify the best customers among all the customers
  • To gain the awareness of the customer and also the acceptance of the customer.
  • To increases the awareness about the band in the public

We at Adlifto offer a range of door to door services which also includes the following:

  • Solo Delivery: the material of client is delivered on its own,
  • Shared Delivery: client can reduce the cost of his campaign and for that the client can be have leaflets delivered with items from the non competing businesses.
  • Business to business: to target your material for marketing directly at other business only,.


The campaign delivery process includes

Door count:

Adlifto can provide the number of letter boxes, which is for both residential and commercial.


Leaflets and flyers in large quantity can be delivered t our warehouse from the printers.


Adlifto guarantees the delievery of leaflets at the the specified areas.



A map of the areas distributed is shown to the clients after the door to door leafleting is complete.